Unlock your child’s hidden superpowers!

Parentof is where your superhero’s origin story begins. Through activities and personal mentorship, we strengthen your child’s ability to successfully do everything they are truly capable of. And beyond!

Interact. Experience. Learn.

Thousands of live classes, workshops, and competitions to choose from everyday!

Programs designed for enhanced life experiences

Our proprietary upskilling platform fosters skills and abilities to help your child adapt to the rapidly changing world with confidence. Only incredible adventures await your child with our Transform programs!

Paving the path for new-age child growth

Parentof has built a unique AI technology to assess and build super abilities in your child based on their needs. Spanning across 128 abilities and multiple areas of growth, our personalised programs ensure that your child excels at everything by strengthening the right skills in them. See how we make it all happen at Parentof!

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Setting a new standard for learning

Parentof’s programs are thoughtfully curated for your child that inform you about their progress periodically. Every activity undertaken during the program’s duration is committed to adding value to your child’s experience here.

Small and Social

Our live, small-group format encourages social interactions and builds learner friendships.

Hands-on Projects

100+ real-time projects and competitions that put theoretical knowledge to test and help children understand concept applications in real life.

Reports and Certifications

120+ insights and reports shared across your child's skills and abilities, to help you understand your child in a more meaningful manner.

Learning Minutes


In The Making

Innovation with no limits

Explore all that the kids at Parentof have done with the skills learnt here!
Tvarita Girme
A Device to detect food adulteration
Tarun Surya
App to control screen addiction
Shriram Kiran
Nature Cafe
Shrihan Goyal
Narframe - A body suit for the physically chalenged
Shatadru Mishra
Robot to aid the physically challenged
Shatadru Mishra
Robot to aid the physically challenged
Mohana Mehta
Solar Car

Parentof at Schools

Parentof has worked with numerous schools over the years. From setting up Skill Labs across the nation to setting up the PupilPod platform to bridge the gap between teachers and parents, Parentof is working towards developing products that will make a child’s academic experience efficient and effective.

Unparalleled Mentorship

All Parentof instructors and mentors are experts in their respective fields. With abundant practical and professional knowledge, they are the perfect teachers to build the right skill set in your child.

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