Astha Talwar

IIT Graduate | Space Science Educator | Astronomy Expert



Materials Required


In this digital age of 21st century, we are all aware of Satellites, especially the man-made ones that are sent to space to either takes pictures of the Earth, or get more information about other planets or simply for communication like TV or phones. But what exactly are these satellites? Why are they so important? Why are Space Agencies across the world creating more and more Satellites continuously? To find answers to these questions and many more, join these classes right away!

Skills & Abilities Impacted

  1. Conceptual Knowledge
  2. Critical Thinking
  3. Deductive reasoning
  4. Inductive Reasoning
  5. Visualization
  6. Complex Problem Solving

Learning Outcomes

  1. Understanding the features and functions of a Satellite
  2. Discover the importance of Satellites
  3. Learn about the different missions of the top Space Agencies like NASA and ISRO
  4. Develop the skills and abilities required to become a Satellite Engineer and a Space Scientist
  5. Participate in hands-on activities to learns the various concepts in Astronomy

Class 01 – How to make your own Space Satellite?

Learn all about Satellites in this class – what is a Satellite, the different parts of a satellite and functions of a satellite. Explore about the most popular satellites sent to space from earth and much more. The most exciting part – you get to make your very own satellite model!

  1. A4 sheets
  2. 1 Black paper
  3. 2 matchboxes
  4. 1 cardboard sheet
  5. Scissors
  6. Aluminium foil
  7. Stapler
  8. Cellotape
  9. Ruler
  10. 1 Sketch pen
  11. Fevicol or Glue
  12. Thumb Pins or Board Pins
Mentor Details

Astha Talwar

IIT Graduate | Space Science Educator | Astronomy Expert

Astha Talwar is an M. Tech graduate from IIT. She is an Ed-tech professional with over 5 years of experience. She started her journey as an astronomy and space science educator, and she loves to explore how amazing the Universe is! She is a star on news channels as an Astronomy expert talking about space events. She is here to unravel the secrets of Cosmos for Space enthusiastic kids.



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