Umesh P.N.

Script Writer for Award Winning Plays I Accomplished Author I Playwright



Materials Required


Poetry writing can often seem difficult without the right guidance and mentorship. However, once your child has mastered the skills required, it can help them unleash their imagination and guide them to write constructively for a long time to come! Explore our Poetry Writing Classes for Kids, specially designed for those who want to become skilled and impactful writers. These classes will help you to start your writing journey using images and unique writing tools, and teach you all that you need to know to become the next Wordsworth!

Skills & Abilities Impacted

  1. Critical Thinking
  2. Logical Reasoning
  3. Creativity
  4. Visualisation
  5. Decision Making
  6. Planning
  7. Written Communication
  8. Vocabulary

Class 01 – Create a poem from a Fairy Tale

This class is all about rethinking the Fairy Tales. Do you have a favourite character from an already known Fairy Tale? Is it Snow White, Cinderella or is it Peter Pan? What if we asked you to describe your character through a poem? This class will help you explore the important techniques and concepts of poetry writing through hands-on activities and by the end of the class you will create a unique poem of your own!

  1. A Notebook
  2. Pen/Pencil
Mentor Details

Umesh P.N.

Script Writer for Award Winning Plays I Accomplished Author I Playwright

Over the past 20 years, Umesh has worked as a theatre director, actor, sound designer, and playwright. He has written more than 15 children’s plays, many of which have won awards at the National Level. His writing for children also includes two radio plays written for All India Radio. His play The Boy and the Drum has also been published by Pratham Books in 2015. His interest in languages has led him to translate into English several Kannada works of Dr. KY Narayanaswamy, who is a well-known poet, playwright, and thinker. He has also subtitled several Kannada films, including the critically acclaimed films Lucia, U-turn, and Ondu Motteya Kathe. He currently works with Ananya Trust, an open school for underprivileged children, as a theatre facilitator and is also involved with various organisations as a research editor, content writer, and corporate theatre facilitator.



Innovation with no limits

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