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Materials Required


Theatre is a great way to build your creativity, communication skills, learn to work in teams, collaborate and become confident! It allows you to enhance your listening skills and helps to control and express your emotions in the most appropriate ways. It also helps you think on your feet and become quick problem-solvers. Each of our Theatre classes are designed to bring you the same holistic experience and with a whole lot of fun! So join now and enjoy as you learn!

Skills & Abilities Impacted

  1. Visualization
  2. Oral Expression
  3. Collaboration
  4. Creative Thinking
  5. Self awareness
  6. Active Listening
  7. Self Regulation

Learning Outcomes

  1. Learn to express yourself in an appropriate manner
  2. Develop confidence to present yourself and your ideas
  3. Think out-of-the-box in the most difficult situation
  4. Learn to support and work with your peers in a group

Class 01 – Which Superhero are you?

Did you know that we all are Super heroes with special powers? Would you like to discover yours? If yes, then this is the masterclass just for you. Explore your qualities that make you a Superhero, discover where do you use these powers and how do you express them!

Class 02 – Create a performance out of a poem

What if you get to create your own poem and also perform it? Here’s a masterclass that will help you do just that. Understand and appreciate poetic language, learn what are metaphors and how to use them, how to create relationships with your fellow actors, create a scene with your peers, create a poem about everyday and demonstrate it like a theatre performance!

  1. A Notebook
  2. Pen/Pencil
Mentor Details

Laxmi Priya

Theatre Trainer | Playbacker | Reader

Laxmi Priya is a Playback Theatre performer and has been improvising for a decade in and around Bangalore, India. She performs with The Adamant Eves (India’s first all-female improv company) and is a co-founder of Citylamps Playback Theatre. A graduate of Interdisciplinary humanities from the Manipal Centre for Philosophy and Humanities, she has facilitated spontaneous theatre-based processes and training since 2014. Her training modules focus on the theatre-based answers for making a work environment more suitable to work and play and for encouraging creativity and critical thinking in young learners. Additionally, she is currently working on tools to recognise and maintain various manners of tension in an improv scene. Her teachings are heavily inspired by her experience in Playback theatre, critical thinking and improvisational theatre.



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