Tvarita Girme
A Device to detect food adulteration
Tarun Surya
App to control screen addiction
Shriram Kiran
Nature Cafe
Shrihan Goyal
Narframe - A body suit for the physically chalenged
Shatadru Mishra
Robot to aid the physically challenged
Seiyan Sinish/h6> A walkie talkie for the physically challenged
Saakshichinmayi Hanabar
My healthy cafe
Rohit N
A robot to clean the drains
Online courses to learn language and culture
Purvi Tibra
Reduce the physical strain of labourers
Pratyush Kant
Drone to clean the garbage from the sreets
Making cooking easier
Pranathi Edathil
An AI powered wheelchair
Exo Skeleton to help in locomotion
Palash Joshi
Oxygen on Moon
Neha Mimani
Reducing screen time
Navya Jain
A hand extension to help the differently abled
Mohana Mehta
Solar Car